Wiard's Cider Mill

Over 187 years of lip-smacking cider. No tickets required.
Picture of Wiard's Cider Mill storefront.
Gallon of Wiard's apple cider.

That refreshing glass of nature’s best

There is lip-smacking delight in the cider from Wiard’s Cider Mill that people in Michigan have loved for over 187 years. George D. Wiard started it all seven generations ago in 1837, with a squeezing recipe that hasn’t been matched. There is a dash of Grandpa Wiard’s creativeness in every jug of fresh-pressed apple cider from our cider mill.

Here at Wiard’s, we have found a way to pasteurize our cider and have the same wonderful, fresh-squeezed, nothing-added taste that Grandpa was known for. Apple cider made the old-fashioned way is available at the cider mill each year in September and October.

A close-up of Wiard's Orchards' caramel apples.

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