Wiard's Fun Facts

We are the oldest continually owned family-business in Michigan.
Wiard’s was founded the same year that Michigan became a state, 1837.
In 1837, when Wiard’s was founded, Martin Van Buren was president—there have been 37 presidents elected since!
Wiard’s was founded 86 years before television was invented by John Baird in 1923.
Since Wiard’s started making donuts in 1964, we have made over 2 million donuts. Laid end to end, that’s enough donuts to stretch from Wiard’s to Walt Disney World and beyond!
In a calendar year, Wiard’s provides part-time employment for over 375 people in our community.
Wiard’s was founded in 1837. We have now been serving our community for over 187 years!
The land for Wiard’s Orchards was purchased the same year (1837) that Chicago became a city.
Famous companies started in 1837 the same year as Wiard’s! John Deere, Tiffany & Co., Proctor and Gamble, Hermes, Wayne School Bus Co.
Wiard’s was the very first orchard in the United States to add a haunted attraction to our entertainment offerings.
The seventh generation of the Wiard family is currently involved in running the farm, with the eighth and ninth generation working on the farm as well.
Wiard’s has grown over 24.5 million bushels of apples since 1837 – laid side by side that’s enough to circle the globe almost 7 and half times!
Over the years Wiard’s has made more than 4 million gallons of cider.
The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 – 67 years after Wiard’s was founded!
Wiard’s relatives in New York made cannons for the Union troops during the Civil War.
Wiard’s provided apples and cider vinegar for the Union troops during the Civil War.
Some people think God created Wiard’s Orchards and Pumpkin Farm right after he created the garden of Eden, but Wiard’s has only been around for 187 years.